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Find answers to the most common questions about our vehicle transport services, ensuring you have all the information you need for a safe and smooth journey.

What does it mean to be a Safe Certified Company?

BC PRO PILOT TRUCK is proud to have achieved SAFE Certification by the British Columbia Forest Safety Council, a recognition of our commitment to safety and excellence in the transportation and logistics industry. Here’s what being SAFE Certified means:

  • Why Be SAFE: This certification demonstrates our company’s dedication to professionalism, reliability, and the highest safety standards, ensuring we are fully competent to handle your needs with utmost care
  • Who is SAFE: We are among over 3,000 companies in BC that have successfully passed the rigorous audit process required for SAFE Certification.
  • How to Be SAFE: Achieving SAFE Certification is the result of teamwork between employers and employees. It requires in-depth training and the development of a comprehensive safety management system, demonstrating our commitment to protecting our team and clients.
What Vehicle Transport Services Do You Offer?

At BC PRO PILOT TRUCK, our expertise lies in providing top-tier pilot truck and vehicle transport services on Vancouver Island and across British Columbia, specializing in handling oversized and heavy haul loads.

  • Pilot Cars: Our pilot cars ensure the safe and effective navigation of oversized loads through varying traffic conditions and terrains.
  • Traffic Control: With certified traffic control personnel and the required signage and equipment, we manage the transport route for safe passage, addressing any traffic-related challenges.
  • Transportation Logistics: Backed by years of local knowledge, we meticulously plan and coordinate the logistics of your transport, encompassing route planning, including ferry and barge connections, permit management, and ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our transport services on Vancouver Island, contact us today.

What Are Your Certifications?

BC PRO PILOT TRUCK takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of safety and professional service in the industry. Our certifications include:

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR): Awarded by the Trucking Safety Council of BC, a division of Safety Driven, this certificate denotes our commitment to maintaining a safe company. It verifies that we have implemented and are maintaining an occupational health and safety management system that meets or exceeds the required standards.
  • BCCSA Traffic Control Person (TCP) Certification: This certifies our team members as qualified traffic control persons, trained in managing and ensuring the safety of roadways during transportation of oversized loads.
  • WorkSafeBC WCB #200 282 550: This registration number confirms our compliance with WorkSafeBC’s regulations, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.
What Does Your Vendor Package Include?

At BC PRO PILOT TRUCK, we understand the importance of safety and risk mitigation in the transportation of heavy and oversized loads. Our vendor package is designed to address these critical concerns and provide assurance to our clients. This package includes:

  • WCB Clearance Letter: This document from WorkSafe BC confirms that we are in good standing and have appropriate coverage. It lists both our company and the company we are working for, demonstrating our commitment to workplace safety.
  • Certificate of Insurance: We maintain a 5 million dollar commercial general liability (CGL) policy from Intact Insurance, which is included in our vendor package. This certificate names our clients on our policy, offering them an extra layer of security.
  • ICBC Insurance: Our fleet is covered with a 5 million dollar third-party liability policy. This ensures that all our vehicles have comprehensive insurance coverage, providing peace of mind for our clients.
  • EFT Information: For ease of payment and convenience for our clients, we include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information in our vendor package, simplifying the payment process.
What is Considered a Heavy Haul Transport?

Heavy haul transport refers to the transportation of exceptionally heavy or bulky cargo that exceeds the standard legal limits for size and weight on roadways. This includes any load that surpasses normal weight limits, typically requiring specialized trailers and transportation methods. These loads often include large industrial equipment, heavy machinery, oversized construction materials, or any other substantial items that cannot be easily divided into smaller, lighter segments for transport.

Due to the significant weight and size of these items, heavy haul transport demands meticulous planning and precision. It involves route planning to accommodate the weight and dimensions, acquiring necessary permits, and ensuring the availability of suitable lifting and securing equipment.

What is Considered an Oversize Load?

An oversize load refers to any cargo that exceeds the standard legal dimensions and weights for transportation on roadways. An oversize load on Vancouver Island is based on its width, height, length, or weight, which surpasses the standard limits set by road transport authorities. These loads require special handling, routing, and transportation methods due to their size and the potential challenges they pose to safe travel on public roads.

An oversize load on Vancouver Island can include a wide variety of items such as large machinery, construction equipment, prefabricated homes, commercial or residential structural components, or any other large structures that cannot be broken down into smaller sizes for transport. Due to their size, these loads often extend beyond the typical lane width, posing unique challenges in maneuvering and requiring additional safety measures, including the use of pilot trucks for escort. Handling oversize loads demands detailed planning, route analysis, and adherence to specific regulations to ensure safe and efficient transport.

What is a Pilot Truck Service?

A pilot truck, also known as an escort vehicle, is a specialized vehicle that plays a critical role in the safe transportation of oversized or heavy haul loads. Our pilot trucks on Vancouver Island are crucial for ensuring that large and potentially hazardous cargoes are transported safely across highways and busy roads. These vehicles are equipped with specialized communication and navigation tools, like GPS and CB/VHF radios, to maintain constant coordination and situational awareness.

Our pilot trucks on Vancouver Island lead or follow the oversized load, depending on the requirements, to aid in maneuvering through traffic, addressing road safety concerns, and ensuring compliance with transportation regulations. They are also outfitted with warning signs and lights to alert other road users to the presence of a large cargo.

What are your rates?

BC PRO PILOT TRUCK is dedicated to providing transparent and competitive pricing for our high-quality pilotage, transport services, and traffic control on Vancouver Island. Our rates are designed to be cost-effective, ensuring you receive the best value for our services, regardless of the complexity of the job. Whether it’s a routine job or one requiring additional preparations like route surveys, our pricing remains straightforward, transparent, and competitive.

We recognize that each oversize load and journey has its distinct challenges. For a detailed quote that reflects the complexity of your route, load type, and other critical factors, we encourage you to contact us directly. We pride ourselves on offering around-the-clock service, available 24/7/365, with a 24-hour dispatch system to respond to your needs promptly.

What areas do you serve?

At BC PRO PILOT TRUCK, we specialize in delivering top-tier pilotage and vehicle transport services across Vancouver Island and various regions in Canada. Our strategic location in Nanaimo, BC, the heart of Vancouver Island, affords us unparalleled access to critical transportation routes. This positioning enables us to extend our services efficiently to a wide range of areas including Victoria, Duncan, Parksville, Port Alberni, Tofino, Ucluelet, Courtenay, Campbell River, and Port Hardy.

Our reach is not just limited to these locations; we also cater to the broader needs of the BC Interior and beyond.

Transporting Across BC and Beyond?

From helping you navigate difficult terrains to complex ferry systems, our team provides local knowledge and dedicated customer service that ensure your loads reach their final destinations safely and on time. Request a free quote today.

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