Pilot Cars for Stress-Free Transports

BC PRO PILOT TRUCK offers reliable transportation services across any distance. Our trucking industry drivers, available 24/7, expertly handle the complexities of transporting oversized loads and special cargo across British Columbia and beyond. All of our pilot cars in our extensive fleet are equipped with advanced GPS and communication technology and backed by $5M in insurance for your peace of mind. When you choose BC PRO PILOT TRUCK, you can expect non-stop support, tailor-made services, and a partner committed to the success of your journey, where every detail is expertly-planned down to the smallest detail.

You’re in good hands
24/7/365 Customer Support
Pilot Truck Fleet & TCP Drivers
Competitive Rates
Exceptional Service

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Need expert oversize load transport? Our pilot trucks offer 24/7 service at competitive rates, no matter how small or complex your journey. Contact us now to discuss your hauling needs and get a quote.

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