What is Considered an Oversize Load?

An oversize load refers to any cargo that exceeds the standard legal dimensions and weights for transportation on roadways. An oversize load on Vancouver Island is based on its width, height, length, or weight, which surpasses the standard limits set by road transport authorities. These loads require special handling, routing, and transportation methods due to their size and the potential challenges they pose to safe travel on public roads.

An oversize load on Vancouver Island can include a wide variety of items such as large machinery, construction equipment, prefabricated homes, commercial or residential structural components, or any other large structures that cannot be broken down into smaller sizes for transport. Due to their size, these loads often extend beyond the typical lane width, posing unique challenges in maneuvering and requiring additional safety measures, including the use of pilot trucks for escort. Handling oversize loads demands detailed planning, route analysis, and adherence to specific regulations to ensure safe and efficient transport.

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